Time Travel


Uptempo beats and Club-styled Remixes of the successful "Immortality" from DJs all over the world make this release one of the most important when it comes to combine dance and ethnic flavours. Cybertribe's signature earth-tribal sound, this time with uptempo remixes by some of the industry's hottest DJs including Lizard Lane, GMG, Mazino and Jally Jal is featured on this dance CD. Time Travel's steady ribbon of beat and tight production techniques weave didgeridoo, looped nature sounds, and electronic and drum 'n' bass samples into a full force dancefloor experience.



CYBERTRIBE - Time Travel


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01. Welcome to the Journey (Lizard Lane Club Mix)
02. Reaching Motherland (Lizard Lane Club Mix)
03. Outland (Lizard Lane Club Mix)
04. Mystic Peaks (Mazino Electric Flow)
05. Welcome to the Journey (Jally Jal Small Devil Mix)
06. Outland (GMG Egypt Pollution Remix)
07. Welcome to the Journey (Lizard Lane Radio Edit)
08. Reaching Motherland (Lizard Lane Radio Edit)
09. Outland (Lizard Lane Radio Edit)






This awesome release by Cybertribe is almost too much of a good thing if they keep this up the government will have to additionally tax and regulate their music! That's okay though, because when listeners are able to synchronize their consciousness to the energetic patterns of the music and slip into the temporal matrix of Time Travel, it will be child's play to move into a time before or after such regulations existed. The music is cutting edge, high tech musical dopamine that is irresistibly rhythmic and addictive: once you've heard it and have been won over by its infectious rhythms, stylized chants and futuristic electronic effects, you wont be able to get enough of it. It „honors the early and unknown time travelers and adds a guide map for the navigators who are experimenting with this science right now. They must mean navigators like me because, for me, time travel is easy its staying in the present moment that has been my toughest rub. So, for now, I strongly recommend you acquire this musical form of Time Travel so we can all compare notes in the future.


Robert Walmsley, Musical Soundscapes




If you liked Cybertribe's original Immortality AND you like dance music, then you will probably like this CD of remixes. Be warned, however, that most of the exotic instrumentation (ie., didgeridoo) has been downplayed here, appearing only briefly in some songs, in favor of the overpowering dance beat. I wish more of the world music influences of the original songs hadn't been lost in the mix. Overall, it's still a good Hi-NRG dance experience... Let the beats speak for themselves!

Peter Manale, Lowell, USA




There always has been a strong bond between ethnic and tribal beats and modern production and sound techniques. This remix release by Cybertribe is by far the most convincing example of today's Ethno-flavoured Trance and Club-style music. Forget all the chillin' and loungin' and return to four-on-the-floor beats. A furious album with serious chart-power.

Michael Farrell, Focus




What can you say about Cybertribe that hasn't already pointed out before? Known as one of the leading Ethnic and Worldbeat formations they now release "Time Travel", a well-assorted remix album with the most spicy tracks of "Immortality". All very much beat-driven and with club ability. DJs of the world, have a serious look on this convincing ethnic dance album.

Arash Kanupta, Times of India




I'm simply blown away by the power and strength unleashed with this CD. Listen to it and you will surely agree.

Andy Petersen, USA Today





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