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In the spirit of Mother Earth, Cybertribe leads you on a journey into the heartland with haunting and mystical sounds of the didgeridoo, ambient vocal chants and contemporary dance rhythms. Sacred Memories is dynamic and tribal. This is the first release and undoubtfully the starting point for a successful journey into australian didgeridoo flavoured world beat music. Originally released as "Sacred memories of the future" in 1997, "Sacred memories" is digitally remastered with 3 additional tracks.



CYBERTRIBE - Sacred Memories


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01. First contact

02. Reaching the ocean

03. Deep down in the jungle

04. Cry of the earth

05. Across the magic mountains

06. Voices (from a distant planet)

07. Signs of friendship

08. (That's why we have to come) back to this land 

09. Immortality of earth

10. Cruising bridges

11. Celebrations





"Many times this planet has been visited by other planetary beings. They have left so many landmarks..." - these words by Indian teacher Osho are placed in the cover of this album. Maybe its compilers hint us that the very special and mysterious music by the Australian aboriginal people, which is presented in the CD, has an extraterrestrial origin. And it is really so unusual, that it takes one's breath away! Main participant of this most fascinating tale is the instrument named didgeridoo. Aboriginal people from the northern part of Australia use it. Didgeridoo is a long wooden tube made from the branch of a eucalyptus tree, which has been hollowed out by termites. The Aboriginal people use natural bee's wax, which is applied to the mouthpiece at the narrow end of the tube. And it should be said that the didgeridoo creates constant drone sound, which made by circular breathing. These guttural sounds really remind echoes of the long gone civilizations, which existed in our planet or the messages from far-away, unknown worlds. Still, the album is not just a collection of the music by Australian aboriginal people. It is addressed to the broadest circle of listeners. Modern electronic processing and ambient vocals introduce in the sounding of the album more space atmosphere, and various nature sounds serve as a perfect background to the timbre originality of the didgeridoo. I would like to add that I am very glad: at last I've got an opportunity to make a review of the CD released by the New Earth Records company. The matter is that, due to my deep confession, this company is one of the best of the world music companies releasing the new age music. Albums released by the New Earth Records completely correspond to high goal of the company: they are really 'music for people on the path'. This is music for those who are in constant spiritual search, for those who wants to feel though music something inexpressible, belonging to the very roots of the being. Prem Joshua, Al Gromer Khan, Hariprasad Chaurasia, as well as other artists recording their music in the New Earth Records are not only perfect musicians, but also people on the path, those who bring here the aesthetics of new, better world! Well, no more words. I strongly advise you not to miss 'Cybertribe' -- the ancient music of Australian aboriginal people, where the mystical sounds of distant past call us boldly go into the unknown future and understand for a short time all that beautiful, which was lost, but can revive in this planet!

Serge Kozlovsky



Initial hearing of the aboriginal chant, didgeridoo and standard funk backing of the opening track, 'First Contact', and you'd think that Deep Forest had moved to the Australian outback for their latest project. A very formulaic start but one that is very airplay friendly. Get down to a more ambient groove and Cybertribe start to shine a little. 'Reaching the Oceans' is full of seabirds and waves, synths and unobtrusive didge with a pleasant, laid back rhythm which lull the senses while the uncluttered arrangement, mellow beat and improvised, free fall vocals on 'Cry of the Earth' (very reminiscent of Claire Hamill(sp?)) make the hairs on your arms stand-up! Trouble is these are spoiled by the tracks they are wrapped around. 'Deep Down in the Jungle' and 'Visions of Light' sound like unfinished ideas, neither ambient or dance. The former also has a very disconcerting vocal line sounding like someone doing a bad impression of Jack Nicholson... 'Call of the Didgeridoo' is a solo piece that shows how expressive a hollowed out eucalyptus branch can be. So why use the didge for no more than just a background drone on most of the other tracks? It's also a good warm-up for final track, 'Back to this Land' which offers the best mix of aboriginal influences and modern sounds. Male chanting and stamping over a very earthy beat, a chord arrangement that lifts the heart and the main vocals taken by a child, Joshua Jalong, express a feeling of hope for the future. Overall an album that comes across as lacking direction. Hopefully Cybertribe will be more focused on their next release.

Neil Leacy, Wind and Wire magazine

Don't listen to Sacred Memories of the Future, Cybertribe's newest release, if you like timid, nonchalant music. Sacred Memories is the surest way to invoke audibly images of prehistoric peoples celebrating the rituals of the tribe, the passing of the seasons, the preparation for the hunt, or the soul's journey into the afterworld. Cybertribe is a composite of European artists that ride a wave of the future. The difficult didgeridoo is played masterfully by Marshal Whyler and vocals are performed by Tiku Captain, Joshua Jalung, B. Sampson, and Melisa. This music appeals at once to your primal instincts and to your sense of dreams for the future. Reaching the Ocean impresses you with the smell of salt water, gull cries, rolling waves, and the incredible amazement an elder may have felt when finally arriving at the shore's edge. Deep Down in the Jungle presents the multitudes of insect calls laced with night birds and the buzz of the didgeridoo, held together by a tickling of synthesizer. Sampson's compelling vocals in Cry of the Earth is a blend of old tongues, impressions of languages you almost recognize through some sort of odd, universal appeal. Very different and very spontaneous. Cybertribe describes Sacred Memories of the Future as "the spirit of the Mother Earth...lead(ing) you on a journey into the heartland with haunting and mystical sounds of the didgeridoo, ambient vocal chants, and contemporary dance rhythms.

LT, New Texas

This cd by Cybertribe Sacred Memories is amazing, you would have to go back to the orignal cd released called "Sacred Memories of the Future" inside the cd cover there is a saying for the world "The Earth has Music, for those who listen". It is the same with this cd, this is an artist called J. Deere, the sounds are for the new age, people who care about the planet! Listen to this music and feel you chakras open and clear!


miKron, Plainville, USA




I have recently replaced this album - again - as every time I play it at a gathering it gets borrowed or goes missing. I have replaced it because it is excellent as meditation music, for working with energy as it focuses on the root chakra helping us all stay grounded in the earth energies - much needed at the moment. The didgeridoo sounds amazing with the mystical and mesmerising accompaniment. I would rate this as higher consciousness music - it that it transports one easily and effortlessly to that higher vibration necessary to the soul.


elaineidaspider, Norfolk, UK




This highly listenable trancey dance mix features the didge among environmental sounds, ambient vocal chants, spoken-word vocals, and tasteful synth work. It’s from the label whose motto is ‘music for people on the path’ - I like that. And I like the rhythmic, warm selections of Sacred Memories. Cybertribe does seem to strike some hidden tribal chord deep within my modern soul. A must for lovers of the didgeridoo and anyone who liked Deep Forest.


NAPRA Trade Journal



Didgeridoo flavored worldbeat rhythms are the main course of this feast for the ears from earthly electronica project Cybertribe. Sacred Memories, a remastered re-release of the 1997 album of the same name, takes indigenous rhythms, Aboriginal chants and melodic flutes and fuses them with an array of trippy ambient textures for an unique, mystifying sound. Producer John Deere's compositional skills are strongest on songs like chilled out Reaching the Ocean, and the album's three exciting new tracks Immortality of Earth, Cruising Bridges and Celebration which have a richer, more complex sound.


Life Now, Books & Sound




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