The original notes were based on recordings from petroglyphs found in a cave in Tasmania by Captain Frederic Marshall. In 1789, Captain Marshall headed an expedition on the Dutch vessel ”Harmonia’ to research the Easter Islands. During a terrible storm his ship sank off the coast of Tasmania and most of the crew drowned. Miraculously he made it to shore and lived in a cave for 14 years. He copied the strange drawings from the cave walls into his journals. After his rescue in 1803, he returned to Amsterdam and kept his journals hidden. In 1983, the musician J. Deere found the captain"s journals in an antique shop in the Singel Gracht district of Amsterdam. He could decipher only part of the notes, which describe in detail the crash landing of an alien spaceship in Australia about 30,000 years ago (based on a star map). The craft was originally from Andromeda, a sister galaxy, and carried a crew of 300, but only about 25 aliens survived the crash. After several years of having the journals in his possession, J. Deere traveled to Tasmania to find the cave which was home to Captain Marshal. Using old maps, he found the original cave with the faded petroglyphs. He entered into a psychic journey and was able to unlock the sacred memories of the landing. This new album recreates the space and heritage of this landing based on the alien lifeforms.


Neither experience nor science has given man the idea of immortality...

The idea of immortality rises from the very depths of his soul -

he sees, he feels, he knows that he is immortal.

Francois Guizot (1787-1874)



CYBERTRIBE - Immortality


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01. Welcome to the journey

02. Mystic peaks

03. Seaside traveling

04. The spirit of earth continues

05. Outland

06. Finding the magic oyster

07. Reaching motherland

08. Return of the rising moon





An absolutely amazing album with an even more amazing story. Musician J. Deere has composed a journey of mystical, infectious trance based on journals found in an antique shop in Amsterdam that tell of the crash of an alien spaceship in Australia some 30,000 years ago. The craft was >from Andromeda, a sister galaxy, and carried a crew of 300 with only 25 aliens surviving. This totally switched-on album recreates the psychic journey that unfolded. The sound is hypnotic, timeless and will blow you wide open. Comes complete with mpeg video that is cinematically gorgeous and can be played on PC or Mac. Couldn't recommend this more.


Trevor Watson, Vision Magazine



The long-awaited follow-up to Sacred Memories is an enchanting journey of mesmerizing, trancelike and hypnotic rhythms. Blends a primal beat with artfully mastered keyboards, vocals and didgeridoo. The captivating tempo will invite you to move and keep on moving.


New Sound




Techno meets the Australian outback in this production from J. Deere, the driving force behind Cybertribe. Pondering immortality and Cosmic phenomena, Deere creates music that is transcendent, offering a contemporary spin on the mysterious sounds of ancient Aboriginal cultures by mixing them with modern ambient atmospheres. The didgeridoo is an underlying feature of each track, which range from trippy worldbeat ventures ("Welcome to the Journey," "Outland") to hauntingly acoustic ("Seaside Travelling") with the use of guitar and flutes. A hypnotic album that bridges the gap between earth and space, Immortality beckons one to close their eyes and open their mind.


Liz Doan, Music Design




The only reason I give this CD 4 stars is due to the fact that it has only 8 songs totaling 49:55 minutes long, and the first and the last are pretty much the same song. Other than that , the music is supreme. It takes your mind on a wonderful hypnotic journey. I have listened to it over and over since I got it. I love it so much that I am going to order all the other selections by this group as soon as I am finished with this review. If you love drum beats and didgeridoo, you will love this CD too.


AMF, Merrimack


Immortality is a musical exploration of an alien crash landing in Australia thirty thousand years ago. The record of the landing was contained in a set of petroglyphs discovered by one Captain Frederic Windgate in a cave in Tasmania in 1789. Captain Windgate copied the rock drawings into his journal which Cybertribe's J. Deere fortuitously stumbled upon in an antique shop in Amsterdam in 1983. Deere subsequently traveled to Tasmania, found the cave with the petroglyphs, and entered into a psychic journey unlocking the 'memories' of the landing of alien life forms (twenty-five of three hundred beings aboard the ill-fated spacecraft survived the crash). The result of his investigation is an extraordinary musical presentation which is both rapturously beautiful and spiritually deep. Whatever one may think of the story behind the creation of Cybertribe's second recording effort for New Earth Records, the music speaks for itself. This is supernal ambient-trance electronica thoroughly grounded in the Earth by virtue of the ever present organic droning sounds of the didgeridoo. Joyous and inspired, the music has a distinctly sacred feel to it. Although an ode to another civilization, Immortality carries lessons for humanity as it struggles to realize the divine nature of the gift of life here on our planet. Thus the music is as much about our collective future as it is about extraterrestrial life and the past. For those in doubt about sampling CDs outside of their usual repertoire and already acquired tastes, I heartily recommend Immortality as an exotic yet highly accessible listening experience not to be missed under any circumstances. This music will amaze you!


Dr. Lawrence Hauser, NYC



Cybertribe, headed by J. Deere, is a composite of renowned underground house and rave artists that have taken the International market by storm, with a strong presence in Germany and Japan. In Immortality, their second New Earth Records release, Cybertribe combines the haunting and mystical sounds of the didgeridoo, ambient vocal chants and contemporary dance rhythms. A Must Have in your CD's Rack.


Dr. Gaurang Mehta, India




The best Electronic-Trance-Pop Album I've heard the last few years. Excellent. And look at the highclass video of ''Welcome to the journey'' included on the CD. A perfect gift for everybody.


Bob Thornton, Barnes & Noble




The first thing you’ll hear on this 50 minute, 8 track disc is a didgeridoo, followed by a child offering you welcome…… As you might expect by just the name of the new label – New Earth Beat – an offshoot of New Earth Records, the first release, Cybertribe’s Immortality is a combo of old values and new equipment. World beat, dance and electronics. New age vs. laid back techno vs. world, in equal drive. Not a disco album. A chanting, highly pop composite of all things unexplained and magically delicious. Headed by J. Deere, Cybertribe’s method of crossing the culture line can be best expressed in ‘Outland’ with chants like Native Americans, a spiritualist rhythm against machine-made loops that more enhance than get in the way of anything ancient. More subtly, try the acoustic lead-in to ‘Finding the Magic Oyster’ which slowly builds to its own sense of minute awareness, as if discovering a great and majestic world around itself. An audio eye opening to an un-peopled land that crashes with Oriental splendor and 360 degree wistfulness. Indeed, the album is a plethora of colors, sniffs and moods that all race together to the mind like a bulging burst of oxygen, causing visions at once, and streaming video that plays on a one to one basis, different for every mind that listens, and every heart that tries to figure out the sounds. GREAT way of starting a new line. I personally hope Cybertribe gets all the radio play it deserves and wants, and then more than that. Incredibly gifted and perceptive. Deserves to go top 20, if talent had anything to do with it.


Ben Ohmart



I love this album, and everyone I've played it to likes it too. It is mood music, to be sure. Great background / ambient style. The underlying tones feature the didgeridoo, but it is not overdone. All the songs are instrumental in nature, except the first one "Welcome to the Journey" where that is the only phrase, spoken by what sounds like a small child. It is fitting that it is the first song, because you will be taken on a trip by this music and will want to listen to it again and again for the soothing effect. Keep in mind you'll love it even before you hear the story about the creation of the album. I ran across another review that mentioned how the album's creator, J. Deere, was inspired for the album. "The material and inspiration for this recording comes from the notes of a shipwrecked sea captain who spent 14 years in a cave in Tasmania. There he found petroglyphs detailing the crash landing of an alien spaceship from the Andromeda Galaxy 30,000 years ago. Deere happened upon the captian's journals in an antique shop in Amsterdam and followed their pull to the original cave, where he engaged in a psychic journey that is recreated in this album."

AR, Ketchum, USA



The title for this CD is so appropriate, but only after hearing and reflecting. Life is determined by the beat of the heart. This CD throbs with a hypnotic beat. It bears a complexity in its development of harmony and melody. Each track takes up the heartbeat theme yet blends in a little something else. There is an intriguing atmospheric that conjures up ideas of eternity and continuance. It stirs the imagination in a way that is achieved by the most subtle of classical constructions. This CD meets several criteria. It does evoke a sort of timeless, non-worldly quality but seeks to retain a linear progressive structure. Each track seeks something different by providing a different approach, sometimes lighter, sometimes more complex, sometimes darker, yet still retaining the pulse-like centricity. This is not a bouncy, ethereal work but a toll for inner and serious reflection. The big test for any CD is how it is used. I have used this CD, not to wind down, but to work on myself. I have used it in meditation circles but not as background music but as a focus on which to concentrate. It is a CD that can be used and enjoyed by anyone who takes their inner work seriously and who are prepared to be as creative as the music of the CD seems to encourage. 


Vernon Marshall




Hypnotic, rhythmic, early and yet otherworldly. Such is the musical voyage on which we embark with Cybertribe as they envisage the travels of alien life forms that survived a crash-landing on earth some 30,000 years ago. Didgeridoo, flutes, drums, synthesizer and human voice combine in a mesmerizing presentation of both trance and various world beats from the lilting "welcome to the Journey" to the flowing transition of "The spirit of Earth Continues" and the pulsating drums of "Reaching Motherland". Dance with the spirit of the Natives, or fly with the souls of the otherworldly strangers.


Michael Woodhead, Synchronicity Magazine





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