Eons of Dignity


This is the most recent release and consolidates Cybertribe's reputation to be the leading Ethnic Worldbeat formation of our time. This new album melds the mystical sounds of the didgeridoo with smooth, contemporary beats. A range of emotive textures emerging from the soundscape engender a distinctly sacred feel of mystery and spirit. and beckon you to close your eyes and open your mind. Cybertribe's hallmark global fusion strikes some hidden tribal chord deep within the modern soul. A mix of cool rhythms married to a lounge sound make "Eons of Dignity" the perfect addition to any music collection.


It’s a Corridor of dreams, amazing starlight shines through the skies

Magnified imaginations of earth gather around us, bringing light...



CYBERTRIBE - Eons of Dignity


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01. To the Moon
02. Corridor of Dreams
03. Poseidon's Gate
04. Autumn Spirit
05. Passage to India
06. Forces of Nature
07. Fairie Mountains
08. Cascade of Light






Cybertribe, headed by J.Deere, is a composite of renowned underground house and rave artists that have taken the international market by storm. The creative force behind Cybertribe, is a classically trained musician who inevitably got involved with the ever-evolving electronic music technology. It was his exposure to the Australian didgeridoo that attracted him to Australian culture and heritage. From this was born the signature Cybertribe style mixing hot electronic beats and lounge sounds with traditional aboriginal didgeridoo.

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Multi-instrumentalist J. Deere (the man behind Cybertribe) continues his explorations in ambient, trance, and ethnic fusion on the textured and engaging EONS OF DIGNITY. Cybertribe's beats are part-tribal and part-dance club, with songs like "Autumn Spirit" riding a deep, in-the-cut groove colored by auxiliary percussion and effects-treated didgeridoo. "To the Moon", the album's opener, could be the soundtrack to a Celtic ritual as put together by some savvy, downtown DJs. Washes of synthesizer splash through the album, whether over pulsing techno-inspired rhythms ("Forces of Nature"), or floating, ambient sound-journeys ("Fairie Mountains"). As the name of his project indicates, Deere brings together a penchant for heady, melodic exploration with insistent rhythmic patterns and pulses, so that albums like EONS OF DIGNITY are appropriate for full-moon parties, late-night clubbing, or interior travel at home with a stereo and a pair of headphones.


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Being a modern person with all the influences of our today's life, I am very much pleased to find out there is still music you can listen to and have it oozing down deep into your soul. Every track explores a different facet of Cybertribe's global concept of up to date rhythms and down to earth tribal elements like didgeridoo and native chanting. Invite your friends and turn up the stereo and take a trip to your inner senses.


Almond Meyer, South West Press




A while ago I was first introduced to "Immortality", tho follow-up release to the successful "Sacred Memories" and "Sacred memories of the future" CDs. I can remember being very impressed about the depth and richness is carries. With both Remix CDs "Dharma Café" (Lounge and Chillout) and "Time Travel" (Uptempo and Club oriented) the depth even got more profounded. With the most recent release "Eons of Dignity", J. Deere outranged his previous releases even more. This one is simply fantastic.


Sheila Flannagan, The Observer




It has been decades to wait for a release like this. Modern in style, but deep and mystic with its approach. A landmark in the field of Ethnic-tribal pop.


Bill Prey, Rolling Stone




Cybertribe returns with a new selection of rhythmic fusion tunes ideal for energizing a weary soul, uplifting a fallen spirit, and seducing a body to the dance floor. Lots of synthesized sounds blend easily with natural instruments (didgeridoo, flutes, piano) and human voices to delight the ear, and carry the imagination to other times and dimensions. Several tunes intrigued me - Poseidon's Gate, although a reference to Greek mythology, has a deceptive Native American sound; Forces of Nature brings together the voice of a baby within a wall of electronic sound, perhaps a visionary glimpse of the joining of human and computer intelligence; and Fairie Mountains brings the world of Fae into the future of electronica, but somehow loses the enchantment of that former world. Nevertheless, all in all, another delightful presentation from a talented composer.


Michael Woodhead




John Deere has decided to pick up the didgeridoo again - that means it's time for another album from Cybertribe! Once again finding a happy medium between earthy tribal music and modern electronic wizardry, Deere conjures up his dreamiest set of atmospheres to date with Eons of Dignity. You really can see a progression with each Cybertribe album and this is no exception. The backdrops are a lush array of multi-textured synthesizer waves, flutes, piano, guitar, vocal samples and percussive tribal rhythms, all layered upon the drone of the didgeridoo. This is definitely some of Deere's best work to date, an entrancing trip into bliss-inducing dreamscapes that makes a great companion for chilling out. A mix of cool rhythms married to a lounge sound makes this CD a perfect addition to any music collection.


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