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Incited by the success of "Immortality", writer & producer J. Deere invited several DJs and Remixers to add a new flavour to the songs of "Immortality". Ranging from Chillout-Pop of GMG's "Reaching Motherland" to the Space-Lounge style of Barry Harvey's "The spirit of earth continues", a broad variety of Trance, Lounge and Chillout styles can be explored. Lean back, relax and Cybertribe welcomes you to the journey into immortality.



CYBERTRIBE - Dharma Café


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01. Reaching Motherland (Pink Noise Mix) GMG
02. Outland (Chillout Mix) Steve Rhyner
03. Reaching Motherland (Spirit of Flow Remix) GMG
04. The Spirit of Earth Continues (Floating Earth) Barry Harvey
05. Seaside Traveling (Offshore Remix) Bob Gavin
06. Reaching Motherland (Aural Remix) Mazino
07. Welcome to the Journey (Space Night Mix) Barry Harvey
08. Return of the Rising Moon (Electronic Mix) SMM





Cybertribe's Immortality blew open a new dimension in sound and the clamor for the chillout version was immediate. Dharma Cafe is a sonic journey ranging from chillout-pop and trance to space-lounge, served up by leading DJs and remixers as a part of the inspiring and earth-infused techno phenomenon that is Cybertribe.


Peter Manzi, New Age Voice




Combining the ancient, ethnic sounds of the Australian didgeridoo and drumming with the modern sampling and recording techniques of today, Cybertribe has created an original and fascinating sound that has come to be known as world fusion music. This outstanding release consists of various types of remixes of Cybertribe songs. Every type of remix I've heard of is included here: Chillout, electronic, pink noise, aural, space night and several other remix styles all come together on a single release to take the listener further and deeper into the hypnotic sound of Cybertribe than ever before. These remixes all carry a trance quality in them that gives a spaciousness to the music that is very mystical and ethereal, making Dharma Cafe sure to be popular with all lovers of new age music in addition to lovers of world fusion and chillout. If you have a hunger for something aurally awesome and sensually fulfilling, I highly recommend a visit to Dharma Cafe, where reservations are definitely not accepted.


Robert Walmsley, Musical Soundscapes




Remixes are a tricky thing - the producer must capture the magic of the original song, while taking it in a new direction. In the case of the praiseworthy Dharma Cafe, the remixes not only meet but exceed the standard set with the original compositions. Based on music from producer J. Deere's project Cybertribe, the album features remixes from Steve Rhyner, Barry Harvey, GMG, Bob Gavin and more, who opt to completely reinvent the source material. Western instruments like the acoustic guitar and piano strengthen Cybertribe's earthly tribal sound, while influences from the realms of dance/pop, lounge and trance music creep into the fray. Includes new incarnations of "Reaching Motherland," "Seaside Travelling," and more.


Music Design




CYBERTRIBE/Dharma Cafe: Dandy fusion of dance, trance and world beat come together on a right on locus to maximize the best from all forms. A leading edge chill out date, progressive tastes will have a great time with this techno affair that has it all on the ball.


Chris Spector, Midwest Record Recap



Cybertribe's Dharma Cafe is a collection of remixed versions of previously released songs from an earlier album by the world fusion group (fronted by J. Deere). Some of the remixes are drastically altered enough that even if you own the earlier "original" recordings, this CD may be worth getting just the same... My two favorite tracks are the next two: a third version of "Reaching Motherland (Aural Remix)" (constructed by Mazino) and "Welcome to the Journey (Space Night Mix)" (by Barry Harvey). Both are much more my style of chill-out music, i.e. rooted in electronic keyboards and synthetic beats. The former is both beautifully serene and also supremely sexy, with snaky rhythms, Enigma-like flute, and gently undulating synths in the background, while percolating keyboards (carrying a hint of Berlin) liven things up in the foreground. The latter song, as you might infer from the title, crosses over into spacemusic and electronic ambient music territory to a small degree. The rhythms in this song have a vague dub sense to them, circa the One A.D. and Two A.D. compilations from Waveform, but the way-cool electronic effects and echoed minimal piano bring things nicely up to date.


Bill Binkelman




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